Israeli Innovative Minds Come & Win 200K RMB

Above is the photo of Chengdu Talent Cup 2021.

About Chengdu

Chengdu is a Southwest China city which is home to pandas and birthplace of Chinese tea culture. Also, Chengdu is one of the world's top 40 cities by scientific research and is aspired to become a new innovation hub in the world. Now it is inviting Israeli innovative minds to join CHENGDU TALENT CUP 2022!

What to expect?

By joining this Talent Cup, you/your team will have the chance to win the first place with 200,000 CNY cash award, and there will be 3 first place winners; 5 second place winners with 100,000 CNY cash award; 10 third place winners with 50,000 CNY cash award! And the competition organization will financially sponsor 1 person’s logistics expenses in each team including eg. Round-trip tickets, hotel, etc. to fly to Chengdu for the FINAL competition during April 2022 if COVID situation allows offline event.

What's more?

Furthermore, if you are bold enough to land your team and project in Chengdu as your headquarter, the competition organization will help enroll you/your team to a government program “Chengdu Talent Plan” which will make you/your team accessible up to 10 million CNY per team or 3 million CNY per person in project landing financial aid after undergoing reviews and evaluations by the local government. Tax reduction, office space, housing, children’s education will be assisted as well.

Projects Requirements

Competing projects must:

·      Focus mainly on fields such as electronics & information technology, smart manufacturing, clean energy, medicine and healthcare.

·      Submit a written project plan including information such as project description, market analysis, competitiveness, business model, financial analysis, team members’ profile, etc.

·      Submit a 6 minutes video to illustrate your project and include important information of the point above.

·      Complete registration form(please reach out to us for the form).


The submission deadline for registration form, business plan and 6 minutes video is by the end of Jan. 10th 2022 China Time.    

Whom to contact?

Alice Zhou Trade Director

Economic and Trade Mission to Southwest China

Tel:   +86-28-6871-9518

Cell:  +86-189-8188-7464